Thursday, 21 June 2018

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Coral's Garden

By Coral Kennedy

Making things easier to manage is the theme of my gardening at present. As an Octogenarian I find that while I still have time and energy, the aging body doesn't always cope. I was able to retire at 60 but the Baby Boomers are having to work longer. While they are still able to cope with the garden they are time poor. No one wants to spend their whole weekend weeding, mowing, pruning etc. While I was able to set up a labour intensive garden when I retired I now need to do a makeover to a low maintenance garden. I suggest that what I am doing now is what the Baby Boomers need to be doing also.

I have 40 metres of driveway beside a 2 metre high North facing paling fence, with a metre wide garden at the base. This is bordered with dwarf Mondo Grass, and until recently planted with a Salvia hedge. But as we all know hedges are high goodbye Salvias. I have installed a watering system just behind the Mono Grass. My biggest problem with this garden is blackbirds scratching mulch all over the driveway. I am now planting ground cover plants in front of climbing Geraniums on the fence. I will keep you up to date with photos as we progress.
A garden is meant to be enjoyed.

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