Tuesday, 17 July 2018

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By Sally Dusting-Laird

Quentin is a labradoodle, and came to our home last October after living in a very expensive inner city apartment with all the high quality toys he could want, but unfortunately just a balcony as his
toilet. But money isn’t everything!

I don’t have to write, but I want to. I just have to give myself permission to do it. Sure the household chores will be done…eventually. I’ve realised that I’m a happier person if I allocate a little bit of time every day, to do the things that I love doing.

Mary Howley

By Mary Howley

Recently my daughter Caitlin, who is a secondary school student, was presented with the opportunity of writing an article for the foothills magazine. Her story, titled ‘Doris’ – which is the name of her 89 year old grandmother, related Doris’s life as a child in Malta and her experience of WWII. It also details how two cultures merge together in the cooking and baking that Doris does for her family.

By Mon Andrews

The Early Learning Centre at Coonara, now empty of children, takes a slow breath and settles in to rest. The ‘quiet space’ draped in white netting, holds small arm chairs in which soft toys relax. The book shelf within arms-reach holds the morning stories to be read in the comfort of this sacred little space. Long-fingered branches hover overhead with photos of all the children dangling like leaves, moving in gentle air currents. Nearby, small beds hold teddies of various shapes and sizes, tucked in with blankets, they lie sleeping. A kitchen for little people takes up a corner, with cupboards, a stove and sink, and some bench space upon which to create an imaginative feast.

Popular media say that as we are living longer, we are more like people 10 years younger. So like ‘navy is the new black’ this winter, 50 is designated the ‘new 40’ and so on.

Lisa Ford

By Lisa Ford

When I was a kid, a song played on the radio by Dave and the Dynamos called ‘Life Begins at 40’. The lyrics were an ode to getting your second wind in life, around the time the kids used to leave home:

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