Thursday, 21 June 2018

Edition 31 – August September October


Creative Fusion

By Mon Andrews

Women from different nationalities gather around the community table engaged in a vortex of conversation. Ideas spill forth for the next series of projects, between them a convergence of skills and knowledge, inspiring and promoting possibilities. Sometimes the table, surrounded by busy and creative hands, is the meeting place for stories, the sharing of understandings, the forum for collective compassion. Other times it is the arena for life’s humour, the uncovering of different perspectives and the acknowledgment of other ways of being. Whatever the internal climate of individual participants, the life energy around the table is a well spring of human experience.

Whether sewing machines are burring in the background, or knitting needles click in unison, the creative production is constant. Blankets made with love for the women’s refuge, small softly lined bags for orphaned native animals, or knitted toys for vulnerable children, women work with purpose to support the world they live in. They come together with a sense of belonging, supporting each other in this community setting. Yesterday Happy Birthday was wished in five different languages and cake was shared between all.

The little market stall in the foyer of the building invites the eye to look closer. Colourful aprons hang beside a collection of small floral dresses. Quilted bags and pencil cases, cushion covers and baby blankets drape from baskets and hang from table edges. Knitted cuffs for coffee cups, colourful arm bands and braided bracelets fill bowls with creative imagination. Woven through the woollen hats and scarves is the energy of women sharing a space full of resourcefulness. Felted badges and headbands, dog jackets and wooden cutting boards are displayed between cushion covers, hand-made soft toys and quilted rugs.

Collectively it is a smorgasbord of useful ideas, a festival of colour, a medley of inspiration. It is a mixed bag of unique goods, not so different from the diverse ingredients who make up the resource pool of women. Equally vibrant and interesting, as stories and patterns unfold and take shape. A visual appreciation of images amid a soundscape of perceptions comingling amongst an array of textures. Women and materials blur together in a fusion of creative spirit, extending love into the world whilst embroidering meaning into life.

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